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School System

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The Zynle School System facilitates all the day to day procedures in a school. It is an on-premises and cloud-based solution that enables schools to drive revenue and increase productivity with consistent, real-time student information. The system was designed to tackle the organizational and communication challenges faced by schools. The features of the School system deals with all kinds of student details such as enrolment, current grade they are in, student progress records since enrolment, a teacher’s login, parents’ login, accounting information, homework module, timetable, exam and test handling among others.

System settings

This module allows for customization of the school’s business processes. Define sessions, create users, set user permission as well as set payment and communication Channels.


This module facilitates for the generation of reports such as; student reports, fees statement report, transaction report, attendance and exam marks report.


For schools that have school buses, this module helps manage the routes, drivers and buses available.


The library module manages physical book in the library, the borrowing and return of books.

Download Center

This module allows for the upload and download of assignments, homework and other multimedia content.


In this module class timetables can be setup, subjects can be assigned to teachers and classes.


The Examination module allows for the scheduling of examinations, viewing of upcoming exams and tests, grading of marks and also marks register setup.


This module allows for the monitoring and recording of student attendance and also the generation of attendance reports.