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University ERP

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On a day to day basis Universities and higher learning institutions handle an excessive amount of information. In order to be successful an institution no matter how big or small will need to be able to manage their information seamlessly. Zynle provides a comprehensive Student Records Management System (SRMS) that allows Colleges and Universities to effectively record and update relevant records. The system is designed to be user-friendly and comprises of: student admission dates, online applications, examination details, and student finance among others.


Different institutions have different academic structures. The Zynle SRMS system was designed to be configurable by users to allow for complete structural change so that it can suite to any institution's environment or setup. Institutions are able to personalize their faculties, lifecycles of programs of study, mapping of academic sessions and course of study

Student Admission

The system helps you manage the application for admission of qualified applicants to your institution. Institutions no longer have to sort through applications manually, they can only have to set up parameters for approval and pick students at the click of a button. All you need to do is define the selection criteria, and run it against the program of study of applicant's selection after which an acceptance letter would be generated and sent out to applicants email.

Student Registration

With the system you are able to manage student enrolment into course and programs of study. This involves the entry and retrieval of student bio data anytime and anyplace online. Students can also enroll or register for courses and programs without the help of staff. Once the courses and programs have been approved a confirmation slip can be generated and printed out in PDF format.


The system helps accounts personnel issue billing, receive payments from students, and view several billing reports. By doing this It allows for efficient management of finances because the institution will have a clear view on how much finances are going on to the university.


The management of examinations is made possible by the Zynle ERP by letting the institution to define and manage records of examination results automatically on the system. This feature of the system allows for defining of the grading scheme and marking scheme distribution, calculation of the CGPA or CPA and overall entry of exam results by lecturers individually or in batches. Once exams are written and results entered students are able to view their results on their student accounts and print out transcripts in PDF.